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We use the right materials in the right order to protect your car, not just a wax to make it shiny but UV protection to keep your paint like new through the years.

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We dont miss one crevice, Many places skip over small places that a person won't notice, leaving debris in places they think you won't see. Not us, we completety clean every last inch.

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Exterior Detail
Detailing the exterior of your vehicle is just what the word says detailing. This is not a quick wash or wax service. Rivers Edge Auto gets down to the details of your exterior to make it shine. Licensed and insured for over 40 years, Rivers Edge Auto offers different levels of exterior detailing, depending upon the age and upkeep of your vehicle.
Trust us there is very little we haven’t seen, but we can still surprise you! Even the worst-case scenarios can come out shining like new, and if your car isn’t in too bad shape, we can make the exterior of your automobile glisten like it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor!
The goal of an Exterior Detailing job on your vehicle is to:
Bring out the maximum shine and luster of the paint finish.
Remove or minimize (not hide) light surface scratches and imperfections.
Apply a protective paint sealant. Meticulously clean, revitalize, and protect every inch of the exterior surface, including the trim, glass, wheels, door jambs, fender-wells and tires. 

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